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I've been taking photos on and off since I was 18, I got myself a digital compact back in 2004 and decided to start a photoblog shortly after, to force myself to take more photos. The idea (and hence the blog name) was to take photos every day to get more experience and improve my 'eye'.

The site has gradually got more and more visitors (thanks) and I've met loads of people because of the photobloggers' meetups which I attend as often as I can. It's great to spend time with likeminded people and pick up ideas/tips. My cameras have improved over time too, moving from the Sony P120 compact, to a Canon 300D to the Canon 20D and now the Canon 5D (which is gorgeous!).

This latest incarnation of the blog has come about because I wanted a new, uncluttered look, and I had a few comments about the last version and the fact that the comments button wasn't clear. I created this new site from the ground up, which means that I have lost a lot of the old photos, I am planning on creating an archive section where you will still be able to view all of the old pics, but not comment on them.

On a technical level, i am now using PixelPost instead of the old MovableType setup and am finding it MUCH more intuitive!!


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