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Poker Strategy

We are back with a strategy that is not really a strategy like a move, but rather a knowledge to be at a poker table. So, why talk about it for online poker? Online poker for those who want to evolve and progress to get the winnings must be accompanied by a real game. Between friends at the casino, it’s you who see. Both are complementary. Today we are going to talk about an intuitive science that is anything but a science, but which is a myth of poker (แทงบอล ) as powerful as bluffing. I often tell you that you have to read in the opponent’s game. This reading is concrete since it is enough to see how a player plays his hands and acts with or without pressure. Tell is the study of body language.

You’ve probably seen in every movie where a poker game is played like the nice guy will win the hand on a rug where the survival of the world is the stake .. And there, the nice guy saw that the bad guy in this head to head suspense, this rubs the nose of the index when he bluffs that’s a tell. Obviously, it’s a pipe. One tell is a coin-up, and this is just one piece of information that should serve you in a no-limit Texas Hold’em poker tournament in real life. You will find a significant number of books on such as the book of a former FBI, so he knows what he is talking about, studies. The problem is that the typical profile studied in books is a case study that does not exist in real life. On the other hand, there are recurrences in the players according to the moment of play, the tension at the table. So, if the tell is not a religion engraved in marble, if you see the following, nothing prevents you from thinking about it.

The one who pretends: This is where the circle is. It is a classic technique of all the games of the world . Make believe that you are a beginner. It’s simple. Make a mistake in the bet, drop his card, throw his hand at the other end of the table, ask the values ​​of chips … More, it’s big plus it passes. There are also all false tells. If the player in front makes his cinema by seeing his hand or whatever, beware. It’s a blow old as the world. If in addition, he begins to revive nonchalantly or follows you is that there is eel rock.

Whoever goes back to his seat:  A player who is going to stand up can say that he is getting back into the game. It’s a way of concentrating and saying at the table that he has something that suits him. There, we are really in the tell. A body language that speaks for you. Obviously, we can also think that he was badly seated ..

Whoever changes the speech rate:  On a real poker table (แทงบอล), you will have several types of players. Those who talk too much and those who speak little or nothing. A player talking too much who miraculously enters a Cistercian silence is suspicious. Conversely, a mute throwing himself into a long logorrhea is also suspicious. This change in behavior after receiving a hand may indicate that the player has touched something that suits him. If in addition, it is recovering … This kind of Tell is easy enough to see and experiment.If you fold well analyzed the rest of the hand to see if your observation is right for this player. This will serve you for an upcoming hand.

He who whispers cards in his ear:  There, it is something more subtle. We must listen to the voice and again depending on the game he will have in hand, he will be more relaxed with a strong hand, more silent in case of bluffing. It’s quite simple because the bluff is always up the pressure and with a good game, it’s more relaxing to destabilize his opponents? A good poker player can come and wink you nicely by making you the worst bluff imaginable. This is another lesson to take and it would be a shame to miss this kind of information that could tip the game in the near future.

The one who is in a hurry:  If a player asks if it’s up to him to play, it’s because he has a strange desire to play fast. There are also players who will jump from their seats and make all kinds of fakes with the hood, the sunglasses. In short, anything that can make you understand a gesture of impatience, marked, may indicate that the player is hot as embers. And so he has the game Obviously, always this word that comes back, but the tell must be analyzed with his way of playing .. If he goes to bed while standing up, it is because he is on edge and maybe to be tired of not having a game …

The cards speak:  Some players put a chip on their cards, others will watch them all the time – often a way to recognize a beginner -. These are habits that can say a lot. It’s up to you to determine when the player does it and when he does not do it to find out what story he’s telling you.

The tokens denounce:  The players all have a way to manipulate the chips. We can almost speak of toc. The way you place your bet or raise may show that the player is bluffing. There, we are in the tell a little far-fetched, but we find it in a lot of work. A player spreading his chips would hide his game unconsciously and therefore have little or no play when he makes his bet .. Yes, I admit, this tell me a little too psychoanalytic to be honest.

The other tell on the chips is the player looking at his cards and directly his chips. He wants to play. This one is more logical and can be really interesting. It is more or less interesting according to your position.

The mirrors:  It’s a tell of beginners. It is very simple. A small hand is a small bet, a big bet, a big hand. It’s a beginner’s mistake and as we are in a poker (แทงบอล) school, I remind you that you know you must never do that.