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Advantages Of A USB Solar Powerbank


Finished, loader galleys! Thanks to the sun’s rays, recharge your electronic devices quickly. Some of these power banks are also equipped with accessories, such as lighters or torches.


solar powerbanks are designed to be carried with you. They are light and take up little space. Use it in the mountains, on a hike, at the campsite or on a boat!


USB powerbank solar work with all electronic devices recharging via a USB port. Most solar powerbanks are more than enough to charge an IPhone or Smartphone, and can recharge a tablet or computer with a little more time.

Note that some solar powerbanks are hybrid, and have a built-in battery. These models can be recharged upstream via an electrical outlet. They allow to charge electrical devices faster, and many times.

Why choose a solar powerbank while there is a string of external laptop batteries?


Like solar panels, the solar powerbank is an eco-friendly device. By using the sun’s rays to convert them into electrical power, it is environmentally friendly. Why ? Unlike electricity produced by nuclear energy, solar energy does not reject toxic waste, such as radioactive waste.


Yes, there is the price of the power bank. But once this precious sesame in your hands, to you the free and unlimited electricity! Save money and say “thank you sir the sun”.

In which situation to use a solar powerbank?


Charge your phone or tablet while you walk, by hooking up your solar powerbank directly on your backpack! The portable powerbank solar weighs between 250 and 450g, requires no electricity and works absolutely everywhere!

At the camping

Quickly recharge all your electronics by hooking up a solar panel power bank on your tent. For once that’s good when the sun hits the tent!

To the beach

Equip yourself with a “power bank” to avoid falling out of battery on the beach! If there is a place where there is no lack of sun, it is the beach. Ideal for a solar battery power bank!

At a picnic

A good meal with family or friends, sun, and no battery on your cell phone to immortalize the moment? A solar phone power bank to share, and the problem is solved.

Airports and Business Travel

You land abroad, you do not know where to go, and you have no battery to find you or to call your hotel? It’s the past with a powerbank solar!


The batteries of mobile phones do not last as long as before. It becomes practical to have a battery in his bag, to recharge his mobile phone at any time, and avoid headaches.