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Cash Bitcoin ABC And SK Cash Bitcoin Compared Which Is Better?

The fourth-largest market value of Bitcoin Cash Encryption Currency (Bitcoin Cash ABC Wallet) will be seen on Wednesday, November 15 after the ECU Community Center is divided into two opposite areas, seeing its currency, called Provo. First, BitCoin ABC Roger actively defended the evangelist ECU E 2, BitCoin SV, and promoted Craig and Ernest Satoshi to Nakamoto.

Is the fork too difficult?

The blockchain divides the events of the sector into the history of the same thread as all the items stored in the network, ie the new transcribed string. The video cable cannot pass all the content common to one aspect of the branch. The cryptocurrency updates the investor. The newly updated blockchain is still the successor to the original blockchain, and the old rules are now configured to be compatible.

If there is no agreement, the developer’s modernization, who can decide to split the split part, divide the whole story, it can be available. This is the case for other forks, bitcoin cash (collector BCHAC).

How to get a new currency?

Encrypted currency exchange (simple method)

The easiest way is to convert two cryptocurrencies into your money, and bitcoin (BCH) in exchange for two chains, which is split. The price is good, although not everyone has the ability to change the climate (not the private key), but the non-technical approach works well for the user. Use the old blacksmith’s face that must be treated in this way, all technical exchanges and actions, ie people, don’t know what they are doing. It will be launched once in a while, it is said that it is difficult to exchange a large amount of support, while others are others;

Coinbase – support for fork

Binance – fork support

OKEx – Fork

BitForex – fork support

The last consumer – fork support

Bitfinex – Front fork bracket – for handling split control forks

Bittrex – fork support

Poloniex – fork support – prior permission for fork split

Upbit – I don’t know if these two are compatible channels

Even if you transfer all of BitCoin BitCoin ABC collybo’s funds to the SV Portfolio and transfer it to something new, it will provide something new. Please note that it is not only compatible with the deletion of the good song (BitCoin SVS/ Bitcoin Cash ABC Wallet) added to the portfolio.

Use wallet (technical)

If the fund level of the private master plan is planned to be composite (private key), then the two new versions of the currency required for the fork team development can be initiated.

General accounting

When the hardware supplier’s portfolio policy leads, BitCoin will collect cash from the currency (BCHAC Wallet). And people say that they can’t wait to see all the ledgers determined to be linked from the nature of the BCH and technology used in the transaction, as well as the Finance Committee’s office, if you are standing in the eyes of the Lord is not stable, save.


This is the reason for the broker, BitCoin Trez, ABC was told the dial, and the other part of the fault was after the fork, but its position was high and straight.

However, before he can overcome the glory, people’s conscience will not be the user who claims your goods.

Protection and repetition.

On the contrary, even if the propagator’s pulse propagation is used, there is no unfairness because the bitcoin of the user’s network is subject to money.


When repeating the yarn, the new battle copy task in the forked thread. Suppose you have to fork 10, ABC Bitcoin, you will get the same store, BitCoin Nothing. Now, if you send your friend Bob ABCs 5, the same BitCoin launched in the same transaction may maliciously use SVS 5, BitCoin information. However, steps can be taken to prevent attacks.

In order to protect yourself, BitCoin ABC (half of the BitCoin package) must be sent to the new branch after the ABC Bitcoin address before applying for a new order. In this way, the address, when the SV and the fork are not included, is difficult, and the Bitcoin ABC bitcoin is not threatened. As a precautionary measure, users are strongly advised not to trade for a few days before and after shooting. To ensure the stability of the developer.