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Restaurant Marketing Online

Although many restaurants have websites, most restaurant websites are very limited because they only show some pictures of their location, just show their phone number so that people can book.

This is appropriate, but the existence of the network should be more important for restaurant owners than simply displaying information.

The latest Internet usage statistics (Nielsen NetRatings, June 2008) indicate that there are more than 220 million Internet users in the United States. This represents 72.5% of the population, which means that most of your potential customers have access to the Internet.

However, most restaurant owners have little to promote their online business.

Websites are a great way to communicate with your current and potential customers, so why aren’t most restaurant owners using their websites for online marketing?

There may be reasons such as lack of technical knowledge and internet experience of many restaurant owners. However, having a solid presence on the network is not necessarily very difficult or complicated. If you follow the following 10 rules, online marketing is a great way to promote your business at a low price:

Have a clean, easy to navigate website. If you need it, hire a web designer, but make sure you know how to update your website. Some protectors outsource all of their network services, including updating and maintaining websites. This is a big mistake because you have to post information often, and trusting external partners means delays, inaccuracies, and so on.

Do not choose the shape of the material. This is a mistake made by many teachers/web designers. In fact, they can use Fantasy Flash to introduce, and complex music and graphics don’t mean they should be used. Nothing is more boring than visiting a website that only searches for information through Flash movies. These movies distract us from our attention and are completely useless. Remember that your website is providing valuable information to your customers and collecting your information so that you can include it in your database. Any other reason is superfluous.

Post useful information that users frequently visit on your website to check for updates. For example, you can announce special events organized by your organization, such as charity dinners, wine dinners, new menu items, and more.

Provide something in exchange for contact information and create a database. This is very important because the more names and email addresses your customers have, the more information you send messages containing promotions, coupons, coupons, and more.

For example, you can use the inclusion form and use the following statement: “Enter your name and email address in the form below to get a free ticket coupon or 15% discount, gift certificate (Wolt Rabattkod). $20, and so on, so you can try our wonderful restaurant “This is not only a good way to attract new customers, but also the marketing cost is zero. If it doesn’t work, you don’t have any fees. If it works, you have a potential customer for life. There is no problem here.

It’s a good idea to add an optional birthday field (only the month and date, don’t worry about the year). This is very useful when you send a gift certificate or coupon when your birthday is approaching. Not only will you attract people who are celebrating his birthday, but you will also attract your friends and/or loved ones, as birthdays are usually social events.

Post videos and photos from your location, but don’t post them on the homepage. Some people like to know what happens before going to the restaurant, but if they have already gone to their restaurant and are just looking for some information, they don’t want to bother.