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Unique Problem Of Cellulite Reduction.

This is the most common and most difficult to eliminate: uneven cellulite and cellulite on the thighs, legs, stomach and arms. Regardless of diet, exercise or age, more than 80% of women, it is estimated that up to 90% of women have visible cellulitis. According to ABC News, more than $100 million was spent in the United States last year to reduce cellulite (cupping cellulite). There are two reasons for oil leakage:

Unlike other fats, cellulite does not break down by diet or exercise, and we don’t know why.

Because no one knows exactly what is causing it, there are very few effective ways to reduce it.

The new technology reduces the amount of infrared light and radio frequency (RF) that a promiscuous turning point combines with the massage roller to dissolve and soften fat, and also stimulate tissue collagen production and metabolism. In the long term.

Describe the cellulite

Although the structure of the cellulite is the same as that of normal fat (fatty tissue), it accumulates in a very different way. For cellulite, fat is placed in the globular layer under the skin and fixed by rigid connective tissue. These lumps give the cellulite a laid appearance.

Cellulite does not break down by diet or exercise, as is normal fat deposition. According to one theory, toxins and liquids are trapped in pockets, altering metabolism and preventing fat breakdown. In addition, hormones related to fat production, especially estrogen, cause hormonal fluctuations such as pregnancy, puberty, menopause, and even stress factors that can cause fat. The location and manner in which the cellulite is formed is different for everyone.

Diet and exercise can improve this by limiting total body fat and maintaining muscle. But even diet and exercise can’t eliminate or improve cellulite. As more and more sediment accumulates, cellulite does not disappear and its appearance deteriorates over time.

Reduce the choice of cellulite

There are five main types of cellulite reduction therapy:

  • Topical treatment: lotions or creams usually use caffeine or other stimulants to fix the upper layers of the skin. These are temporary effects.
  • Mesotherapy: This is a series of special drug injections or homeopathic ingredients to stimulate metabolism. The main disadvantage is persistent pain, bruising and pain during the injection.
  • Cosmetic surgery: There are a variety of surgical procedures, such as liposuction, which can eliminate fat deposition; a sub-portion that intersects the top layer of the skin, cuts the connective tissue between the fat globule and the skin, and allows the liquid to fill the bag, making it Smooth cellulite. And fat transfer, injecting grease deposits into the pockets and softening the cellulite. Cosmetic surgery can effectively eliminate existing cellulite, but may have side effects such as infection, inflammation, pain and recovery time.
  • Endermología: It uses suction to break down the deposition of fat, while the massage roller softens the cellulite and reduces its appearance.
  • Combination technology: This step-by-step hyperthermia was approved by the FDA in 2005, combining infrared and radio frequency (RF) massage rollers to stimulate collagen production and reshape cellulite (cupping cellulite). RF makes the heat deeper, safer, and adds a beneficial skin firming effect that softens the entire skin. The treatment looks like a deep tissue massage.